Frank Wilary

Principal and Co-Founder, Wilary Winn

Frank Wilary has over twenty-five years of diversified experience in the financial services industry and has served financial institution clients for the past fifteen years. Areas of expertise include asset-liability management, credit loss modeling, capital markets, structured finance, derivatives and information systems.

He co-founded Wilary Winn in 2003 and his primary responsibility is to lead the research, development and implementation of Wilary Winn’s new business lines. Frank regularly speaks at financial institution conferences on asset-liability management, credit loss modeling, and concentration risk management. Frank’s presentations frequently focus on achieving best practices in ALM by assessing credit risk, interest rate risk, and liquidity risk on an integrated basis.

Prior to co-founding Wilary Winn, Frank held senior positions in treasury, capital markets, accounting, finance, and systems within two organizations.