Jim Holt


To attract and retain millennials, companies across the country (including a handful of credit unions) are expanding their employee benefit programs to include student loan refinance options and repayment assistance. With more than 40 million Americans having some level of student loan debt, this should come as no surprise. A number of large organizations including Fidelity, Aetna, and PricewaterhouseCoopers have announced repayment assistance plans in recent months. Leveraging third parties to administer the program, these companies offer significant financial benefits.

To help credit unions offer this type of benefit to their own select employee groups, Student Choice has partnered with ionTuition, a recognized and respected leader in student loan counseling and support. Learn about this exciting new initiative and how your credit union can participate.


As the Chief Development Officer and SVP, Jim Holt combines his more than 25 years of lending and financial experience to help credit unions learn about, and successfully enter, the private student lending market. Before joining Student Choice, Jim held leadership positions at Overture Technologies, a leader in marketing and decisioning tools within the private loan space, Citibank’s Student Loan Corporation where he helped launch their private student loan program, and Sallie Mae. Jim got started in lending as a mortgage loan originator and managed a Chicago banking branch, now owned by Chase. This industry and financial expertise allows Jim to collaborate and help credit unions structure sustainable solutions for new and existing Gen Y members.