Pam Horne

Former Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, Purdue University

When discussing higher education, two questions appear at the top of most everyone’s list….why does college cost so much; and what are colleges doing to help curb costs for students and families? During this informative session, you’ll get the answers to these questions, and much more. Pam Horne, who retired earlier this summer from her position as Vice Provost for Enrollment Management at Purdue University, will draw on her 43 years of higher education experience to provide a unique insider’s perspective on the challenges facing students and colleges, and what the future might hold for both.

In her role as Vice Provost at Purdue, Pam managed strategy and operations for admissions, financial aid, early college outreach, the registrar’s office, and enrollment analysis and reporting. Beyond Purdue, Pam’s career encompassed positions at Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and the University of Kansas.