Shann Grewal

Vice President, IonTuition

To attract and retain millennials, companies across the country (including a handful of credit unions) are expanding their employee benefit programs to include student loan refinance options and repayment assistance. With more than 40 million Americans having some level of student loan debt, this should come as no surprise. A number of large organizations including Fidelity, Aetna, and PricewaterhouseCoopers have announced repayment assistance plans in recent months. Leveraging third parties to administer the program, these companies offer significant financial benefits.

To help credit unions offer this type of benefit to their own select employee groups, Student Choice has partnered with ionTuition, a recognized and respected leader in student loan counseling and support. Learn about this exciting new initiative and how your credit union can participate.


Shann Grewal is Vice President of IonTuition. He oversees all aspects of IonTuition operations, ensuring that the company is providing accurate, timely, useful support to hundreds of thousands of users. He has spent more than a decade focused on addressing the widespread impact of student loan debt, working with businesses, schools and government organizations to provide assistance across sectors. In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, Shann directs the company’s continuous development approach to product innovation and leads efforts to bring IonTuition’s unique combination of on-demand counseling, web-based student loan management tools and user-centric focus to a wider audience.